Today's International News - China's National Park System Building Arouses Global Concern

China Daily Online July 12th, the party’s 19th National Congress report pointed out: “Building a national land space development and protection system, improving the supporting policies of the main functional areas, and establishing a natural protection land system with national parks as the main body.” This means that China’s The system of nature reserve is undergoing a profound historical change, from the current nature reserve as the main body to the future with the national park as the main body. Nature reserves provide a natural green barrier for the survival and development of human society and are the bottom line for the ecological security of all human beings.

Today's International News - China's National Park System Building Arouses Global Concern

“The road to ecological civilization in China takes the national park as the starting point”On July 10th, the article “China’s Implementation of Management Reform of Nature Reserves” was published in the international journal “Ecology and Evolution Trends”. Recently, the article “China’s implementation of natural conservation management reform” written by the director and professor of the Center for Eco-Environmental Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, published by Ouyang Zhiyun and others, was published in the internationally renowned journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution. The article said that China is strengthening the management of protected areas and achieving results by simplifying institutional responsibilities and reducing overlapping functions. The establishment of the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau (National Parks Authority) is part of this effort.

On July 10th, the Science Daily of the United States reprinted part of the article with the title “China’s Ecological Civilization Road Starting from National Parks”. The article emphasizes the role of building a national park system in promoting the construction of China’s ecological civilization.
“National parks were once managed by seven different departments. Now they are managed by the National Park Service. We can seize the opportunity to establish a unified national park management system. Such reforms help to unify goals and reduce conflicts, Remove administrative redundancy.” Ouyang Zhiyun wrote in the article. National parks will help China achieve economic and environmental balance., the US environmental news website, also paid attention to this research article by Ouyang Zhiyun and pointed out that the national park is expected to help China achieve economic development and balance of ecological environment.
According to the report, the construction of a national park system has given the Chinese national park management departments the opportunity to clearly define their responsibilities, share dividends and delineate their ownership. National Park Construction Continues to Advance Foreign Media: A Strong Assist in Achieving Economic Environmental Balance US Environmental Website
      The report also quoted the author of the article, Duke University professor Stuart Pimm, as saying: “The challenge now (China) is how to manage the national park, how to make these areas fascinating It also maintains biodiversity. At the same time, it encourages the development of tourism, which in turn drives local development.”
        “National parks have no value. This is an innocent and unwise idea. Tourism is the largest industry in the world,” added Pim. “For foreigners, going to China is not just about visiting the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors. With an impressive national park, China is a very exciting country for foreign tourists.”

The international news report further pointed out that in order to achieve the goal of global biodiversity in 2020, China strives to implement the concept of green development and ecological civilization, and formulates the goal of building an ecological civilization according to its national conditions, and is paving the way for achieving this goal.

Today's International News - China's National Park System Building Arouses Global Concern

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