The Latest News Headlines_____Japan kicked Korea Out Of The "white List"?

Hello readers, we have met again! Guess what the small editors want to share with you today? Yes, the latest news headlines to share with you today is _ Japan kicked Korea out of the “white list”?

The Latest News Headlines_____Japan kicked Korea Out Of The "white List"?

Despite repeated communication between Japan and South Korea, Japan and South Korea have not reached any consensus on trade issues. It is reported that the Japanese side has decided to kick South Korea out of Japan’s “white list”. From August 28th, when South Korea imports Japanese machine tools and carbon fiber and other strategic materials, it must obtain permission from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Row. The South Korean side is very angry about this decision of Japan. It is understood that in order to counter Japan, South Korea has also taken corresponding measures.

Has Japan kicked South Korea a “white list”? According to a recent report by South Korea’s “East Asia Daily”, after Japan’s decision to propose a “white list” to South Korea, the South Korean president said that we will not lose to Japan again! Today’s South Korea is no longer a South Korea. The responsibility for what will happen in the future will be entirely attributed to Japan’s attitude towards the Korean president’s appearance. South Korea’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and Finance, Hong Nanji, at the press conference. It is claimed that we (Korea) will also exclude Japan from the ‘white country’, and we plan to implement intensive measures from the fields of tourism and food.

It is worth mentioning that after South Korea announced that it would retaliate against Japan, South Korea also put forward a major strategic plan to completely sever the connection with Japan in business. According to the news of the Yonhap News Agency on August 5, at the press conference, the Minister of Industry and Trade Resources of the Republic of Korea, Cheng Yunmo, announced that in response to Japan’s measures to limit trade, the South Korean government will implement comprehensive measures to localize 100 core strategic goods. Strive to complete in 1 to 5 years.

Has Japan kicked South Korea a “white list”? Obviously, this time it was rejected by Japan, and let South Korea realize the importance of domestic products, especially the importance of domestically produced core goods. If you want to be stuck in other countries, South Korea must localize its core technologies and components. In fact, after the outbreak of the “Huawei Incident”, many countries should be aware of the importance of localization of core technologies. After all, Huawei can withstand the wave of shocks in the United States. It is related to Huawei’s continuous exposure. After the US restricted its chip exports, Huawei took out its own spare chip. After the US restricted the export of smart systems, Huawei has also launched a “Hongmeng System”. It is precisely because there are enough cards that Huawei can persist in the impact of the United States again and again. If South Korea wants to successfully deal with Japan, learning Huawei mode is the most correct choice.

The Latest News Headlines_____Japan kicked Korea Out Of The "white List"?

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