The Latest International News Headlines: The Strongest warship Chi Bo

The United Kingdom seized an Iranian tanker in accordance with the instructions of the United States. In retaliation, Iran immediately detained a British tanker. This news boarded our international news headlines. In order to avoid the seizure of its own tanker through the Hormuz Strait, the British urgently sent the “Montrose” frigate to escort. The relationship between the two countries has become increasingly tense. For Iran, this enemy of the United States is enough to cope with it. It is best to ease relations with the United Kingdom. On the occasion of the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson taking office, Iran sent a signal of reconciliation, but it ushered in a British military response. On July 29, the Russian satellite news agency reported that the British Ministry of Defense website released a message saying that in order to ensure the safety of British ships sailing through the Strait of Hormuz, the second warship sent by the British Navy has arrived in the Persian Gulf. This warship is a “Duncan” type destroyer that has just participated in NATO military exercises in the Black Sea.

The Latest International News Headlines: The Strongest warship Chi Bo

The Duncan is a British-type 45 destroyer. It is known as one of the most advanced warships in the history of the Royal Navy. It has a full displacement of 7,350 tons and is equipped with 48 vertical launchers that launch the “Aster” air defense missile. The “Harpoon” anti-ship missile launcher, a 114mm caliber gun, two sets of “dense array” near-anti-weapon systems and other weapons, and the use of an epoch-making integrated electric propulsion system. Considered a symbol of the strength of the British Royal Navy, the United Kingdom built a total of six such destroyers. At this time, sending such a powerful warship to the Persian Gulf and strengthening the military presence in the Persian Gulf will further stimulate Iran and intensify the already tense relations between Britain and Iraq. What made Tehran even more annoyed was the signal that the reconciliation was just released to the UK, but London responded with a warship.

It is clear that Iran hopes to use this Johnson as the British Prime Minister as an opportunity to ease tensions with the United Kingdom. Earlier, under the instigation of the United States, the United Kingdom seized the Iranian tanker Grace 1 on the coast of Gibraltar on the grounds of violating EU sanctions to deliver oil to Syria. Iran firmly denied that the ship was headed for Syria. In order to retaliate against Britain, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards seized the “Stanner Empire” tanker flying the British flag in the Strait of Hormuz in southern Iran, claiming that the tanker violated international maritime affairs. The rules are ready to flee after hitting an Iranian fishing boat and seriously injuring its crew.

The growing tension between the two countries is not in the interests of Iran. This time, after Johnson was sworn in, Rohani sent a positive signal to London and promised that if the British release Iranian ships, they will get a “comparable response.” Rohani also stressed that Iran does not want to continue tensions with the United Kingdom. If London abides by international rules and stops illegal measures in Gibraltar, it will receive an appropriate response from Iran. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Jawad Zarif also sent a congratulatory message to Johnson, who was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, saying that “Iran does not seek confrontation.” Iran’s desire to improve relations between the two countries was unveiled. I did not expect the hot face to be attached to the cold butt. The United Kingdom not only did not appreciate it, but instead of intensifying it and sent a warship.

The Latest International News Headlines: The Strongest warship Chi Bo

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