Sport International News - What Are The Aspects Of Youth Sport That International Attention Is Concerned About?

Are you interested in sports-type international news! I think we should all pay attention to the international news of the movement, so that we can know the difference in sports news in different countries.

Sport International News - What Are The Aspects Of Youth Sport That International Attention Is Concerned About?

The cultivation of exercise habits and interests is very important to children, which is a universally recognized value in Western elite education. Every parent who values ​​the child’s growth education will develop the child’s exercise habits and interests as the most important part of their child’s growth plan.
The report focuses on the physical and health status of adolescents. At this stage, the physical fitness of Chinese adolescents has undergone mixed changes. The national youth lung capacity has declined for 20 years, and has shown a relatively steady upward trend since 2010. The speed of 50 meters has begun to rise steadily, and the explosive strength of the standing long jump has improved. In terms of quality, the endurance quality of young people aged 7 to 18 has stopped falling and gradually recovered, but the endurance quality of college students has continued to decline. In addition, the detection rate of overweight and obesity is still high, the detection rate of poor eyesight continues to rise, and there is a tendency to become younger.
American sports. Some scholars have studied the American physical education model and found that the content of physical education in the United States is very detailed. There are only 10 categories of secondary school teaching plans, including more than 60 kinds of adventure sports, physical exercise, water sports, team sports, etc. Projects with lifelong sports value such as swimming and tennis accounted for 47.6%. “The United States and Canada implement a free admission system. The teaching system implements a credit system. Students can choose courses that they are interested in. Foreign countries attach great importance to students’ sports ability and have a good atmosphere for sports activities.
Japanese sports. Where to go after school?
According to Japanese students, after school every afternoon, the football stadiums in Tokyo are all children playing football. It is understood that this mode of life has prevailed throughout Japan.
The different destinations of children after school reflect the differences in a country’s education model, talent training philosophy and even the entire social and cultural background.
In some countries where sports culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, students voluntarily participate in sports activities after school. Parents take children to watch sports competitions become a tradition. Family members are proud of their children entering the school team. The most respected in schools is to create honors for their alma mater in competitive games. Under the guidance of this mainstream concept and talent evaluation mechanism, the willingness of children’s sports is recognized and encouraged from the top down, encouraging children to exercise natural water.
Too many Chinese parents now give children a lot of attention in learning. They think that as long as they learn well, they do not pay attention to their physical fitness. In addition to normal coursework, children are often enrolled in various tutoring, tutoring classes, and special classes. The large class, extracurricular physical activity, and outing competitions carried out by the school often do not receive the support of parents. The children gradually lose interest in sports activities, resulting in a decline in the overall body load index.

Sport International News - What Are The Aspects Of Youth Sport That International Attention Is Concerned About?

 The above is the international news shared with you. We should know that the sports experience is more important than the sport itself. Let the children enjoy the confidence and sense of accomplishment brought by sports, enjoy the power and fun of teamwork in sports, and enjoy the mood after exercise!


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