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Share The Financial Industry Latest News Headlines For You

Domestic macro [Expert: 2019 infrastructure investment may grow to 3.21 trillion yuan] Luo Ding, chief analyst of CITIC Securities Construction, believes that the National Development and Reform Commission has increased the approval of major infrastructure construction projects, highlighting the importance of countercyclical adjustment, this pair of 2019 It is of great significance that the infrastructure investment will drive the economy to achieve steady growth. It is estimated that the capital investment in infrastructure investment from 2019 will continue to grow steadily, or will increase to 3.21 trillion yuan. At the same time, considering the substantial recovery of social welfare in January, the government’s leverage ratio for infrastructure and solid investment is expected to rebound slightly. It is expected that the growth rate of infrastructure investment will remain at around 7% to 8% in 2019. (Securities Daily)

The domestic stock market [regulatory notice clearly identifies the four types of monitoring indicators for abnormal transactions, which is the normal supervision started at the beginning of the year]. It is known from relevant persons that the notice entitled “Members of Stock Trading Behavior Monitoring and Monitoring Reference Points (Trial)” is half. Issued several months ago, in early March, the regulatory action specified is the daily supervision of common violations. The purpose is to further optimize transaction supervision, improve transaction transparency, prevent market manipulation and other violations, and also to suppress Real intermediary agency responsibility, to promote brokers to improve the transaction monitoring and monitoring system, and guide customers to compliance transactions. The capital market is also an information market, and regular documents are often over-interpreted by the market. In the opinion of the industry, the notice clarified the violations and determined the unified standards, which is conducive to the healthy development of the market and the standard operation of the industry. (broker China)

[133,000 kilometers of pipe network assets “merger”, the national oil and gas pipe network company listed before the end of June at the end of the month] On March 19, the Central Comprehensive Deepening Reform Committee mentioned at the seventh meeting that the establishment of state-owned capital holdings and diversification of investment entities Oil and gas pipe network company. According to industry insiders, the meeting of the Deep Reform Commission is equivalent to the announcement of the establishment of the oil and gas pipeline network company. The next step is to officially list it and it is expected to be completed by the end of June. (Securities Times)

Domestic property market [Xinhua News Agency: When the high-quality and cost-effective housing “fishing” customer intermediary false information floods when?] Xinhua News Agency said that some real estate agents through the release of false housing, fake housing transaction prices, etc., induce buyers, renting houses The hook. The reporter’s investigation found that the phenomenon of real estate agents publishing false information exists on many real estate information platforms, disrupting the order of the real estate transaction market and urgently strengthening the standardized management. Some consumers and experts said that in recent years, the issue of false listing information by real estate agents has been repeatedly banned. From the perspective of maintaining the long-term healthy development of the real estate market, it is necessary to further strengthen the investigation and crackdown, establish an institutionalized supervision system, and effectively reduce the real estate. The intermediary does not regulate behavior.

Share The Financial Industry Latest News Headlines For You

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