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From the groundbreaking performances on stage and screen, and one of the hottest institutions in the industry, the 36-year-old performer is a household name in this part of Asia, but his star in the 2009 Hollywood Action Thriller film ” The Ninja” mid-footed assassin also pushed him to the global stage. When the jewellery store that reopened the Cartier store reopened, he sat down and spoke exclusively with the talented multi-lined skirt. He introduced us to his extraordinary longevity in business, his personal philosophy in watches and jewelry. And his next big move. Entering the entertainment industry as part of the Boys Band in 1998, it is clear that Zheng Zhixun means more. In 2002, he quickly began a separate career, riding the Korean wave that affected the global entertainment industry, and released seven albums and 28 singles in the next few years.

Korea Entertainment News Headlines

He said that he has extraordinary persistence in the industry. “The most important thing is that you have to work hard.” “Working tirelessly is also important,” he added. In addition to undeniable stage performances and talents, Zheng Zhixun was also receiving the attention of the headlines because of its impeccable fashion sense. The Cartier event features a beautifully tailored, color-coordinated charcoal-gray suit with a diamond-studded brooch that fits over the lapels of his suit. It’s easy to see why his fashion stripes are highlighted.

Grasping his handsome style, we asked him about his accessories. He smiled and said: “I like jewelry. I usually wear watches, but sometimes I also wear brooches and other accessories.” Although Zheng Zhixun is in entertainment The industry is still active, but in recent years his resume has added another achievement: CEO. In 2015, the performer officially established its own entertainment agency, Zheng Zhixun, which has a team that manages singers and actors, and works with leading Hollywood agent Morris Endeavour Entertainment to represent the United States on behalf of South Korea. the company. The star has officially become a true star manufacturer. “I am making a new idol project,” said Zheng Zhixun. “We are preparing this idol group for everyone.”

At the same time, let’s take a look at the recent situation of the Bulletproof Youth League. The very popular band, which was sold out at the National Stadium next year, was sold out within four hours. After being involved in an international melee between Japan and South Korea, band member Jimin wore a T-shirt with an atomic bomb image. explosion. According to reports, a photo taken for a magazine in 2014 was also on fire, and another band member wore a hat wearing a Nazi logo. A fan of Singapore’s Bulletproof Youth League, who wants to be called Angie alone, said she thinks Big Hit has dealt with these issues thoroughly and elegantly.

The 25-year-old young man working in the media industry told the Xinbao: “This is impressive because the Korean music industry is sometimes prone to cultural insecurity, or some people just choose to remain silent, perhaps because of fear. “Intensified.” She expressed regret that the Bulletproof Youth League was entangled with politics because the band had been working hard to become more cautious after its debut in 2013, just as band members consulted experts after their lyrics were accused of disgusting women. same. Another 23-year-old fan who declined to be named said that she would not see support for the band as long as the fans knew the controversy and understood why they had problems. She said: “As long as you don’t put them on the pedestal, you can.”

Big Hit, who also manages singer Li Wei, said the incident was unintentional because the T-shirts commemorating South Korea’s liberation from Japanese rule at the end of the Second World War were not designed to harm or kill the victims of the atomic bomb. The Korea Entertainment News website reported that Mr. Li Guangzai, the chief executive officer of LJ, who designed the shirt, apologized. An assistant professor at Nanyang Technological University, who studies Asian pop culture, said that it is inevitable that Korean music will be entangled with political controversy because of its “globalization”. The Bulletproof Youth Group delivered a speech on the cover of Time magazine in October and delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly in September. Professor Liu said that the storm may be broken because fans of Korean music usually pay more attention to the personal rather than political appeal of their idols.

Korea Entertainment News Headlines

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