How Does An International News Promote A Concept?

Today’s concept of rare earths. Today, I saw an international news story. Specially did not have a discussion with Mongolia on the issue of rare earth investment. It is important to know that Mongolia is the second largest earth reserves in the world. Many people know that rare earths are mainly technology and military. Specially no rush. What do you do if you are Mongolia? Give the market for the next few days.

How Does An International News Promote A Concept?

The concept is that I have read the international news of yesterday. The bidding is no one in the opening, and the price is increasing step by step. The remaining unfilled amount above is basically the buying power. Explain that market consistency is high. But I didn’t open the ticket for this ticket. The main reason is that I don’t know if someone will sell when the market is low. So wait and see. From the trend. It has been falling since the beginning of June. This position superimposes certain messages to bounce back normally. And in the morning, I not only saw this ticket that can enter. Minmetals rare earth, North Mine Technology, Yingluohua and so on.

In the same way, Ying Luohua unfortunately did not have a daily limit, I will not say that it has a US stock and is worth buying: When the market declines, it is a choice to make a new one. Because there is no empty square, the chips above are clean. There is no daily limit. It can be said that the above auction chips are relatively clean, as long as no one can make a daily limit. But it can be seen that the second new is also a pit.

Finally, one must say that Ogura must be recently. If the money is too small, take a look. The articles shared today are only for recording your own growth experience, not recommending stocks, not any investment advice for anyone, risk at your own risk, the stock market is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.

The above is the news headlines for everyone to share today, we will launch more financial news, entertainment news and so on please continue to pay attention!


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