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Who is Vinnie Vineyard?
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Hello, my name is Vinnie Vineyard, but you may know me as Funkmaster V from my various entertainment ventures or from my family business. Don't be mislead, I'm proud of all my accomplishments, accolades, and cash money made from my outlandish exploits, but the character "Funkmaster V" doesn't totally encapsulate who I am.

While there are certain aspects of Funkmaster V in all I do, there's much more to Vinnie Vineyard than a hyper bass player, loud mouth paranormal investigator, and bad guy wrestler. I love to entertain people. I feel like it is what I do best. But at my core, I am now a pretty simple family man and a non-church attending Christian. I'd much rather spend time with my devoted wife and best friend Julie Vineyard and my incredibly talented daughter Gretchen than on stage or in a ring.

Politically speaking, I was raised in a Democratic household. My dad was one of those Labor side of the Democrat party guys (remember those?), and I was the only kid in elementary school that voted for Mondale in our mock election. When I got older, we went from being a family that never talked about God to church-goers, and I switched to being more Republican because of the snow job they pull on us called "Family Values". After high school, I worked for an ultra-conservative radio station (the owner thought Rush Limbaugh was a liberal) and over time I started to question why anyone would vote for either of these ridiculous parties.

I know many people hate this guy, but I at least owe Chicago radio broadcaster Mancow Muller a hand shake. Through his broadcasts, common sense ramblings, and obviously pained voice when it came to American politics, he lead me to Ron Paul. For the first time ever, there was someone who was an elected official that was saying the things I truly believed. It felt like the first time I heard the blues. I was not alone!

I am saddened that the Ron Paul Revolution has petered out like it has. I am shocked that people still go to the polls and pull the lever for these two parties that are obviously in cahoots with one another. As a pro wrestler, I see through their collusion. As a taxi driver, I have had conversations with people all over the globe who say the world laughs at our politics, because there is no difference in our two major parties. I am older now, I have ran a successful business for over 5 years, and with my various life experiences I feel that it's time that I provided Tennesseans a solid choice on the ballot in November.

I'm not your run of the mill Libertarian (not that there's anything wrong with that). I don't drink, smoke, do drugs or own a gun. I never have. I never will... but all of those things should be legal. I'm not gay... but gay marriage should be legal. I think abortion is murder, and I'll never have one. However, I understand that not everyone agrees with me on this... and that this issue should be between a woman, her family and her doctor, because the alternatives are not pretty, either. I hate war. I hate crony capitalism. I hate life long politicians. I hate corruption. I hate bullshit and I hate stupid laws. You see, I will not govern based on what I WANT, I will govern based on what I think will be BEST FOR THE PEOPLE... which is almost always more freedom. It's time for common sense. It's time for freedom. It's time to Believe in the Funk.

Help me continue what was started in 1971, what was given new life by Ron Paul, and what could be a future major option for all Americans. Let's keep the Libertarian train rolling. Believe in the Funk in 2018.

God bless America, God bless Tennessee, God bless the Funk
Vinnie Vineyard

(PS: Oh yeah.. the Funk stuff. When I was a kid I was working at a gas station and a co-worker had a name tag that read "How can I help you? My name is Funkmaster B". I thought that was pretty funny. I changed the B to a V and used that nickname playing bass with my crappy Christian band, and then later with my funk, hip hop, and rock bands. Then I created the character Funkmaster V as a wrestling persona, and now use it as my moniker on my TV show "Wrestling With Ghosts" on ASY TV. I love funk music, the 70's clothes, the cars, the hairstyles and still slap bass in my house every day. I still believe in the FUNK, that's why I ask you to do the same.)