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People seem to get pretty heated when they start talking about politics. This may be news to you, but its true! What I hate the most is that its apparent that many people turn their ears off and they start spouting things they've heard their demaguages tell them... and really... that's just not fun. Here I will try to answer questions that I've heard over the years. If you have some questions, contact us and I will answer them as soon as I can and add them here. Also, before you get too salty with me, that big guy in the middle up there is my 7 foot tall giant tag team partner... AND best buddy. He hurts people.

Voting for a Third Party is a wasted vote!
I hear this statement more than anything else. While I understand their point, that third parties have a hard time winning big elections, it confuses me more than anything else. Congress annually has approval ratings around 13%... rivaling the approval ratings of skin cancer and traffic jams. It sounds to me that this weary populace would welcome a third voice (really- IMO a second voice) in the polictal arena. But, they are chained (maybe even brainwashed) to voting for one of two parties. Reminds me of the kids on the conveyor belt in that Pink Floyd video... they just willingly fall into the meat grinder one right after the other. I am on social media, TV, and radio pleading "JUMP OFF, DAMMIT!!!" But rarely am I successful. I tell people now, that I am a Libertarian, I'm voting Libertarian... and that voting for a Democrat or Republican makes no sense to me... I hate those parties. They've ruined our country!

If I Vote for Candidate C... He/ She Won't Win!
This one is married to the first statement, but my answer to that is a big fat "SO?" I'm not picking winners, I'm voting my conscience. I DONT WANT DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS IN POWER. I'm not disrespecting our service men and women and founding fathers by casting a vote for something I don't believe in. If you dig this tyranny and dog and pony show, by all means... vote for the Republicrats. I've had enough of their bull.

All Politicians Are The Same And Corrupt
Hold it there, skippy. We haven't seen alot of track records of Libertarians, Greens, etc. because they haven't had the opportunity to give us one... but I can atest that the Libertarians are the party of principle. I spent 30 minutes at a Libertarian convention once where the state-wide treasuer bored me to tears as he was barraged with questions over the state-wide Libertarian PO BOX going up like 12 bucks for the year. Libertarians will crucify a big time politician that abuses his/her power for financial gain. We are a hard group of folks to deal with.

You Is A Lib-Tard
Although, my Trump loving friend, Libertarian and Liberal sounds a lot alike... they are not alike. It's true that we are "Live and Let Live" when it comes to consenting adults in the bedroom... we are more fiscally conservative that this new bunch of Republican big goverment spenders. Trillion dollar budget after big time tax cuts... Gee-whiz. Who is the lib-tard now?

You are a Pro Wrestler, is this a real Campaign or a Gag?
Pro Wrestlers are masters of the arcane and artifice, and guess what... so are politicians. That's why I see through their bull so easily. Yes, I am a pro wrestler... a showman, but I’m also a concerned father, a small business owner, I have silver, stocks, etc. I am a man, first and foremost, and I have concerns. But I'm not a sit back and whine kinda guy... if there is a problem... I'm going to fix it. This is 100% real. If it was a publicity stunt, I could be arrested and serve jail time. So... yeah... its legit. Too legit to quit.

Are you a Serious Candidate? Some of the Stuff You Say... is Odd
I get it dudes... and dudettes... but really... think about it. I could say all the right things all the time, just like "they" do. I can appear very political. I'm a sharp enough tack to sound like every square you have ever seen in a blue suit. But, I'm real. What you see is what you get. I have no secret accounts, 9 lovers on the side, no Goldman Sachs in the pocket. I believe in what I believe and want to serve. I've had 40 vocations in my life... from minimum wage jobs, to Fortune 500 middle management, to owning my own business. I believe I know the plight of the working man better than most. There's no one more serious about reform than Funkmaster V.

What is Your Stance on the Second Amendment?
All libertarians are going to be the strongest politicians for the Second Amendment rights out there. I'm not against conversations and common sense laws, like seven-year-olds shouldn't be able to buy a gun... but the problem with what's been going lately is a human problem. Human beings are disgusting, they are violent, they are self-centered and emotional. There will be some of us who always hurt and kill. And we should have the right to protect ourselves from those predators.

What is Your Stance on the Syria Missile Strike (Or other military engagement)
I think veterans are heroes. I think the United States needs to have the biggest military on the planet. It is truly the only effective part of our government. But our entangled alliances and our meddling in foreign wars and squabbles simply IS NOT OUR BUSINESS and needs to end. Good hearted Americans hear stories of gas-bombed children and tortured women, and they feel compelled for us to help. Evil happens everyday ALL OVER THE WORLD. Yemen children are starving because of an imposed famine created by the Saudi Arabians... right now (Remember Saudi Arabia... the guys that flew the planes on 9/11? Those guys... that we didn't invade... Hmmmm...). African drug cartels march children into towns with sliced off faces to scare more children into their ranks. They make students eat their teachers in big stew pots. Sex trafficking is huge in Cambodia, where the mistresses sew hymens back together on underage girls so new “johns” can break in a virgin at premium prices. Evil. But we aren't there... we are in Syria now... just like the Libertarians predicted our "world tour" would stop next 15 years ago. We are constantly bamboozled and blunder into these wars, getting stuck in messes and can never leave. 300 million Americans are responsible for these war bills. People die. Americans die. Soldiers commit suicide at an alarming rate. Veterans are subjected to terrible health care when they get back. Halliburton makes off like a bandit. The Democrats and Republicans are war mongers. Libertarians are not. END AVOIDABLE WARS NOW.