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I don't really keep up with Republican or Democrat candidates because, to me... it's all the same blather coming out of a different mouth hole. BUT, I did hear in my travels that a lady-Republican came up with 3.5 million dollars to fund her campaign to run for governor of the mid-size state of Tennessee. 3.5 million dollars... how much good could be done with that? I'm going to be honest... we need money for signs, stickers, gas and possible commercials. But we don't need millions. Just a few bucks... we are the party of fiscal responsibilty, remember? Anything you give will be appreciated. All donated money will go 100% into BelieveInTheFUNK for Tennessee's governor campaign. If I'm gonna take out deep rooted bureaucracy, I'm gonna need to buy a couple of shovels.

According to state law, I cannot accept donations over $4000. So don't get weird.

Believe in the FUNK,
Vinnie "Funkmaster V" Vineyard
Friend of Liberty