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#BelieveInTheFunk Tour 1994
I know its 2018... but 1994 ryhmed

This is where you can see my pretty face at wrestling matches, TV shows, investigations, concerts, appearances, or hear my weird Baltimore/ East Tennessee/ fake Boston/ New Orleans hybrid accent on podcasts and radio shows. Some will be more political than others, but I will always be spreading the message of peace and liberty wherever I go.

Every Wed 2018 9PM ESTBig N Funk's Ghost Show A-Go-GoListen Live and Play in the Chat Room!My tag team partner Big Luke and I tell absurd stories and musings in an audible whirlwind evey Wednesday Night. Lez Get Funkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkay!!!
March 30th 2018RIP Parnormal Talk RadioSearch for the March 30th VideoLaid back interview about the paranormal- at the end the energy picks up when we talk about politics.
April 18th 2018Murder Chose Me "American Nightmare" 2.03TV Channel ID Discovery (Check local listings)Funkmaster V plays a guy who wittnesses a murder... and the sad part is... this interupts lunch
April 20th 2018Big N Funky Returns to KFWRV Plantation Center: Sevierville, TNTo bulk up his executive experience, Funk is appointed co-General Manager of KFW by Brian Pillman, Jr.
April 26th 2018The Spectral Zone Luke Walker and Vinnie VineyardBig Luke and I will try to subude the crazy sexual energy that we have with British sex kittens Caz Brown and Kerry Greenaway. 4PM EST
April 27th 2018Warren Peace PodcastWarren Peace Podcast: Ep 6: Vinnie VineyardMy old wrestling manager and I talk wrestling, music and politics. He's pretty chill since I lopped off his nipple once in a knife fight.
April 29th 2018The Big Perm Show 8:30PM CTThe Big Perm Show #191 - Special Guest Vinnie VineyardThe boys catch up with Tennessee gubernatorial candidate, Entertainer Funkmaster V who is running for TN State Governor... but why?
May 2nd 2018The Volunteer TimesMay 2nd The Volunteer Times - Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Speaks Of Balloting InequitiesLibertarian Alderman Pat Peebly interviews Vinnie Vineyard about the Ballot Access Issue in Tennessee
May 3rd 2018Southland Paranormal Society Podcast speak with the lovely chica Melissa De Santis about ghosts, life, love and liberty. 9PM EST
May 5th 2018SPCW157 Myers Lane La Follette, TN 6PMFunkmaster V makes an appearance to jive talk about liberty... and if he feels like it, he may leave with the belt.
May 6th 2018SteemitRevolution in the Volunteer State? by Steve Trinward An article about voter unrest and the paradigm shift happening in Tennessee... mentions Tracy Tisdale and Funkmaster V by name representing the Tennessee Twenty
May 13th 2018Para-Time Radio with Brock and DavePutting the Funk Back Into Radio The boss has us on his show, and Big Luke plans on quitting his job during the interview.
May 30th 2018Morgan County TimesWrestling With Ghosts Offers Possible Television OpportunityArticle on the upcoming TV shoot at Brushy Mountain State Prison that briefly mentions my gubernatorial campaign.
May 31st 2018Wrestling With Ghosts Films at Brushy MountainPetros TNWWG brings a big crew including a furry, animal psychic, and drag queen into the most notorious prison in the mid south. Live videos about freedom and ghosts to come!
June 6th 2018Lewis County HeraldHohenwald, TNManda Rose Curtis interviews the man of Funk and asks questions about jobs, pot, and school shootings.
June 6th 2018Mars Variety ShowMt. Juliet, TNChild star and voice actor Jason Marsden (Mars) hosts a Nashville based variety show and invites Big Luke and future Governor Funkmaster V along for the ride.
June 9th 2018KFW WrestlingSevierville, TNBig N Funky throw the funky general manager weight around on a show called Saturday Night Fever. So apropos...
June 12th 2018Sherry VoluntaryFarragut, TNAnarchist and smokin' hot redhead Sherry Voluntary duke it out with Libertarian Funkmaster V over differences and similarities between their political ideologies. A rumored Indian Leg Wrestling match takes place after the interview.
June 13th 2018Lewis County HeraldHohenwald, TNLibertarian Funkmaster V's answers are compared to bad guy candidate Diane Black's.
June 15th 2018Homicide HunterKnoxville, TNVinnie Vineyard chases the baddies as an undercover cop in this popular crime reenactment show.
June 20th 2018Beyond the Open Door w/ Maggie & SusanWadsworth, OHFour hot people talk about the paranormal, politics, the world, music, all the beautiful things and there may stripping involved.
July 4th 2018Watertown Political RallyWatertown, TNFunkmaster V wears a suit in the sun and preaches peace, prosperity and freedom to the beautiful people of Watertown and their hot dogs.
July 21st 2018TLW WrestlingRocky Top TNFunkmaster V meets and greets the lovely people of Rocky Top and will restrain himself from attacking random opponents in the tournament that night.